Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Joy of Kilns

Again, I am just going to post these photos and see what stories come in.  I can update the blog as they arrive.  I am not so sure about changing the order of the photos though!


John Parker kiln building during a pre ASP centre day at Carrick Oliver's farm.   The Catenary Arch kiln was fired using dirty turps as a fuel, it was sieved through donated tights first.

Lex Dawson and the round wood kiln


The first salt kiln built at ASP, 1975 or 6

Kiln Building weekend at ASP

Lex Dawson

Completed kiln

John Parker helping with Joan Campbell Raku workshop 1980

1979 Building a salt kiln with Lex Dawson
Chester Nealie building a  roman arch salt kiln, buttressed and insulated with scoria, 1982

1984 Pit firing


The burri box kiln, used with salt.

2006 Diesel Kiln

Loading small salt kiln, 2009

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