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Jeff Oestreich Workshop
From the Centre Report:  'Jeff Oestreich has written to say that his five day school at the Centre, will be hands on and that there will be discussions "ranging from aesthetics of function, idea development to studio management."  He'll give slide lectures daily and will attempt high firing followed by unstacking and critiquing on day 5.  All this and you can go to the oping of his exhibition at Pots of Ponsonby at the end of the last day.'

                                                      Rod Davies and Lee Le Grice

In the 'new workshop under construction' during the Jeff Oestreich workshop.

Neil Grant Workshop

May 1994
Construction of the workroom

Vaughan Calway, Potter in Residence 1992,3,4.

Tony Bacon

                Brendan Adams                                                              John Pirtle and Jim Brown

Christine Lloyd (President 1993 -4) and Val Bailey

August 1994, Peter Stichbury opens the centre

Peter Stichbury donates a photos of Michael Cardew's village compound in Abuja.

Kevin Kilsby


Hilary Kerrod and Peter's dog, Sophie taking time out.

Diane Buchanan

John Green

Philip Luxton

Ian Firth

Peter Collis                                                        Penny Ericson

Ian Smail

John Parker

Stephen Bradbourne                                                                                               John Parker

Helen Adams

Green Man Morris

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