Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Warren Tippet, 1977 exhibition selector: Photo below (not from the catalogue)

John Parker, guest exhibitor 1977

Work by Barbara Hockenhull and Bronwynne Cornish
Work by Warren Tippet

Work by Don Thornley
Work by Ian Smail

More pots by Ian Smail



Kiln Building with Lex Dawson, 21 April 1979

Levelling sand on top of hollow concrete blocks.

Starting the second course and using generous amounts of GB2 slurry to join bricks.
Lex Dawson, yellow tee shirt.

Putting in the arch

                                          Lunchtime after 11th course. 

Nett and Christine relaxing before arch goes in.

                                            Kiln completed and packed, ready to light.
First puff of smoke

Lex Dawson and a chimney, I am awaiting the story that goes with this.

Trevor Bayliss, selector 1979

Salt glazed ware by Rosie Murray

Bottles by John Parker
Teapots, Campbell Hegan and Beverley Luxton

Deadly Snakes and Ladders by Michael Lucas and Jill Totty