Friday, 30 September 2011

2011 - Happy Birthday Auckland Studio Potters

It's ASP's 50th this year, half a century of people messing about with clay.  Some have gone on to become professional potters but for most of the people who have attended classes at ASP it's been all about learning a new skill and having fun playing with mud. 

It's been a place which has always generated a strong sense of community, it's always had shared lunches, barbecues and pot luck meals, always had gatherings around fires and kilns.  There have been plenty of dogs and children wandering around and I remember the excitement caused by an exploding cabbage and a UFO sighting. No, not random, rather planned mayhem. 

During the annual exhibition which was being held at Mairangi Arts Centre during October, there was a special small display of pots owned by ASP and held by the Auckland Museum.    It was a rare opportunity to see these 30 pieces on display alongside an exhibition of contemporary ceramics by current ASP members.

There was also a video playing in the main galleries with a selection of videos and photographs of events and people associated with ASP.

Here's a selection of photographs from the show:

Margaret Milne 1971

Bronwynne Cornish 1992

Warren Tippett 1983
Scott Hockenhull

Christine Thacker 1987

And the 2011 Show:
Bowl and candle holders by Sarah Guppy

Merit Award winner: Brendan Adams with Perfume Bottles

Premier Winner: Jo Ann Raill with Beehives in Paris

Merit Winner: Chuck Joseph

Co-Selector: Lex Dawson

Alex Whyte

Greg Barron

Annie McIver

Diploma Graduate: Susan St Lawrence

Barbara Miller-Reilly

Juliet Roborough

Kim Rochester

Paddy Bourke

Jin Ling Zhang

Helen Perrett

Double Merit Award Winner: Julie Collis

Rod Davies

Diploma Graduate: Jacgui Brown

Nadine Spalter

Frank Checketts

Simon Leong

Yuko Takahashi

Carol Stewart

St Ives Folk Club playing at Corellis Cafe, Devonport, since renamed The Porcelains
Bronwynne Cornish and Diploma students

Student Exhibition at the Centre, a very successful one week show which has been running for three years. The Monday night class have organised the event for the past two years and provided a celebratory event with chilli and mulled wine.