Friday, 1 July 2011


Summer School
Ennis Oliver (back left), Lex Dawson, Matt Stafford (back right)

Than Coupie (Wattle Flower)  demonstrating at Teacher's Training College

John Sweden's Decorating School

Pat Perrin (green apron)

Lex Dawson's Summer School children's class

Fletcher Brownbuilt judge 1983, Mrs Asako Watanabe

Robert Sanderson Workshop
Robert is an English potter, a woodfirer.

Beverley Luxton demonstrating

Barry Brickell, tile making class

Jack Troy, Pennsylvanian woodfirer 12 - 13 November 1983

Terry Dowding, wearing a tee shirt designed by Denys Watkins, featuring the Potters Arms.

Rick Rudd's Handbuilding Workshop

Pat Perrin demonstrating

Packing the kiln

Summer School

Summer School results, Lex Dawson in foreground with Beth and Jack

Barbecue at the centre


Brian Gartside Day

Mitsuya Niiyama Workshop

Entertaining Gwynn Piggot the 1982 Fletcher Brownbuilt judge.

Faces to look out for Renton Murray, Ian Smail, Graeme Storm, Cecelia Parkinson, Jackie Storm, Frank and Una Sharpley, Peter and Diane Stichbury and Pam Robinson.

Michael Cardew and Jill Totty

Chris Cockell workshop July 1982

Frank and Una Sharpley, August 1982
Slip, Slab and Gadget workshop

Howard Williams Slip Casting and Mould Making workshop September 1982

Barry Brickell, Terracotta Weekend