Monday, 20 June 2011

Guy Fawkes

2010 Guy Fawkes with a Raku firing

I am hoping someone is going to tell some stories to go with these images or supply some dates! 

 November 2007

Bottle Kiln
Made with alternate bricks and wine bottles
and roughly corbled to give a basic arch shape.
The firing was by a single LBG burner inserted
in the base. When the bottles began to soften
great fun was had in blowing them up through
their tops. This created interesting bubbles
inside the kiln and on popping would run down
the bricks like toffee.
The kids loved poking a steel rod into the melting
glass and pulling long threads (up to 6m) through
the bottle necks,
Mike Donaldson

Mike's Bottle kiln

Duncan's Nina Hole inspired Guy Fawkes sculpture.  2006

Wednesday Morning Class preparing the clay for the Guy Fawkes sculpture.

Ice Kiln

Peter Lange trialed this idea at the ASP Guy Fawkes before his tirp to the Abertyswith Potters


Subarugama November 2000

Another one, another year...

Benzagama November 2001
A reduction firing. 

Do you remember being instructed to run around and collect grass to put on the fire and create a good reduction atmosphere? 

Big Clay Day Out

BCDO 2009


Pot sales, 2006

Have A Go side show, 2006


Paint a Pot, 2005


Big Clay Day Out 2003

Paint A Pot 2003

Open Day 2002





Norma Nell and Mike Flat

Andrew Maule, 1992

Open Day 1979