Saturday, 2 July 2011


Christmas Party - guess who is Santa Claus!

Answer: Peter Collis


Norma Nell's Pit Firing

Chris Mules (Director)
Raku Firing

Robyn Paul Secretary/Treasurer 1988- 90
Catherine Dawson, Potter In Residence 1989-90

Howard Williams, Chris Mules (Director), Enrique Saliveria (Architect and Potter from San Salvador), Robyn Paul and Catherine Dawson

Fletcher Challenge 1990 Judge Elizabeth Fritch

ASP visit Brian Gartside at his studio

Peter Lange and Chris Mules


Norma Bell, Jean Baker, Chris Mules (Director), Jenny Thorp

NZSP Penrose Fundraiser 1982

Peter Lange

Len Castle demonstrating

  Chester Nealie
Matt McLean

Bruce Halliday

Jeannie Van der Putten demonstraing

Merilyn Wiseman demonstrating

Carole Swann

Peter Collis

Flaming Rangitoto