Saturday, 3 September 2011


Student Show 2010

Student Show 2010

Domesticware Selector: Rosie Murray

Monday Class Morning tea

Rod Davies and Lee Le Grice

Lex Dawson's Children's class

Unloading Anagama

Big Clay Day Out

 Building a kiln lesson, 2009
 Diploma students soda firing 2010

Rick Rudd workshop.

 Aylex stoking the Phoenix Kiln.

 Aylex and Judy Rae in the centre.

 Chester Nealie in the red and black swandri.

 Carol Stewart greeting Sanae Shirae, Charade Honey looking on.

 Wally Hirsch, Judith Tizard and Lex Dawson

Big Clay Day Out 2003

 UFO sighting...

 Tony Lowe testing the catapault
 Nick Holland, Chris Southern and Adrian Beavis

 Fiona Lander, Rebekah Hall and Susan St Lawrence at the Student Show, 2011
Kim Rochester after a successful firing, 2010

Taken at the Big Smoke conference, Unitec, April 2011.  Rick Rudd, Duncan Shearer and Jacqui Brown on the right.

John and Margaret Sumich