Saturday, 3 September 2011

Diploma of Ceramic Arts

The ASP provides the Studio component for Otago Polytechnic's Diploma of Ceramic Arts Auckland based students.  It has been an interesting addition to ASP life giving passionate potters an opportunity to immerse themselves in clay (so to speak) to an even greater level and to add an academic qualification.   Every year 12 students enroll for the programme.

The programme was first taught at ASP in March 2003 and John Parker was the first tutor.  There were six students.

Many of ASP's long standing members have been able to teach modules of the programme - to name some: John Parker, Peter Collis, Duncan Shearer, Peter Lange, Bronwynne Cornish, Graham Ambrose, Ande Barratt Hegan, Penny Ericson, Campbell Hegan, Toby Twiss, Christine Thacker,  Merilyn Wiseman, Andrew Van der Putten, Brendan Adams and Peter Shearer.

Toby Twiss Module, Modelling from life and using an armature, building a mould...

Lois Jameson, modelling for the students.

'Abby' sculptures

Brendan Adams Module, 2010

 Mark Griffin slipcasting

Peter Collis Module, 2010

 Susan St Lawrence with Village of Teapots

Peter Collis Studio Visit

Graham Ambrose Hand Building module, Feb 2010


 Mark Griffin

Duncan Shearer Throwing Module, Feb 2009

Vince Kobylarz

 Duncan Shearer and Anne O'Sullivan

Assessment for Duncan's module, Feb 2009

Christine Thacker - hand building module , November, 2009

 Figures by Helen Perrett

Carla Ruka Module, March 2010

Susan St Lawrence, Horse

 Kim Rochester

Fiona Lander, Debbie Neil, Adele Foster, Kim Rochester

 Carla Ruka Pit Firing & exhibition, Pakiri, March 2010
   Margaret Bray, Kim Rochester,  Debbie Neil, Adele Foster, Anne O'Sullivan

 Ann Crane - Slip casting module, August 2010

                                                          Peter Lange Firing Module, 2009

                                     2009 Diploma class soda firing with tutor Peter Lange,  assisted by Aylex

Soda fired works

Dog by Susan St Lawrence

Andrew Van der Putten Throwing Module, 2008

 Class visit to Andrew's studio

                                      John Parker Throwing and Exhibition Module, Exhibition for One Hour at Masterworks, 2007

A Diploma student exhibition at the Band Hall, Big Clay Day Out, 2005?

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