Thursday, 19 July 2012

Clay - a good obsession

I stumbled upon this blog post today and it really resonated for me and I don't think I am alone:

This week is the beginning of Term 3 and lots of happy clay obsessives returned to ASP to resume 'work', classes are fuller and the energy is great.  The Thursday morning class enjoyed a happy Renton just back from his travels in France re-energised and re-inspired.  Which is lovely because it's inspiring for us too.  Looking forward to seeing the slide show with a pottery-centric view of where he's been (I know there'll be plenty of cars in there too, something to tolerate! -speaking for myself).

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Some glaze test pages to peruse

I'm not into glazes myself, I like the making, but apparently these are inspirational.  Courtesy of various members of the University of Tennessee.Brought to my attention by Musing with Mud blog.

Cone 10, 6 and Cone 04 glazes.

And a great Glaze Sharing site:

and another: