Sunday, 4 September 2011

Domesticware Exhibitions at ASP

                                                      2011 Domestic Ware Award Winners
                                                               Selector: Rosie Murray


Susan St Lawrence and Alex Whyte admire pots by Theresa Watson (left) and Nadine Spalter (right)

                                   2008 Domesticware Award, selector: Duncan Shearer

President, Michael Billington

 Renton Murray, Director
 Trien Steverlynck

Suzy Dunser

 Duncan Shearer, presenting awards

2007 Domestic Ware Award 
Selected by Margaret Sumich
Winner Elena Renker with three bowls.
Merits to Helen Perrett, Peter Shearer, Kathy Baird, Steve Bailey and Grancy Fu.
Photos are on the ASP website


Big Clay Day Out

Raku sideshow at BCDO

Fire and Clay 2009

Opening Night

Rick Rudd, the selector, and Annie McIver

Anita Barlass receiving a bouquet for her work designing and setting up the show.

Susan St Lawrence and tiles, photo by John Pirtle

The Landscapers Boat by Helen Perrett, Merit Award, photo by Howard Williams

Merits also received by Peter Lange and Lex Dawson but I don't have photos of these.

Big Smoke Conference, April 2011

 Paul Maseyk demonstrating

Carla Ruka demonstrating

 Scoria Kiln

 Red hot pinata, broken open by Gustavo Perez of Mexico
 Gustavo Perez demonstrating
Linda Christiansen of USA demonstrating