Friday, 19 October 2012

Diploma of Ceramic Arts at Auckland Studio Potters

If any of you have a facebook account Auckland Studio Potters has added a facebook page for the promotion of the Diploma course as it has been taught at Auckland Studio Potters.  It is a fantastic course which most students enjoy spreading over four years (taking it at half speed).  It can be done in two years as a full time course.

On Sunday 4 November there will be a short presentation at ASP before the Guy Fawkes celebrations to let anyone interested know more about the course. 

Basically the course has four parts, one of which is the Studio module taught around the country where there are students.  The course is administered by Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin.  Auckland has had the largest number of distance students and has been able to offer a wonderful selection of tutors.

Art History is taught by distance using correspondence and the internet by a tutor in Dunedin, the first year covers general art history and the second year focuses on ceramic art history.  This gives the student a rich base to call upon for inspirations and encourages research as well as helping teaching critical writing.

Glaze Technology is taught using an Internet programme and with research projects and a lot of practical exercises.  It is a very full on and hugely informative course.  There is an exam at the end of the first year and a substantial research project at the end of the second year.  

Drawing is taught by correspondence and when possible ASP will bring in a tutor for a block course.

You can read about the course and see images on this blog but also visit the facebook page:  here's the link:

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